Analysis widget failing on creation to generate valid token - error 498

03-02-2021 02:11 AM
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I'm trying to develop my own widget for a web map, based on the Analysis widget.  

I create a new web 2D web app from the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder menu.

I try and add a widget to the screen based on the 'Analysis' widget, selecting the 'Find Nearest' tool within the widget.  I have ticked every config box within the tool to be checked.

The widget is now added to the map.

If I click the widget, the tool opens, with all the selection layers empty (as expected as I have not added any map layers).  

However, the network console in developer tools shows a never ending loop of communication going on at this point.

Calls to

are then followed by<snip>

and repeat.  From adding some console.log messages, and looking at the responses, I can see that the calls for a Token are successful, but the calls to the GPServer always return

{"error":{"code":498,"message":"Invalid token.","details":[]}}

I've tried with maps with layers in - the first two selection boxes are completed but not the third one.  I've tried adding as a GeoProcessing layer but that just times out validating.

I have been looking at this for a while now without success.  Any clues?

For clarity, I haven't written any of this code - it is all OOTB esri code, so I am assuming that it is a configuration issue, but I can't see what I am missing.

I've used the routing widget successfully (obviously I had to configure the routing service that the widget would use, but that validated nicely - there is no such configuration immediately obvious for the Analysis widget, and the documentation is quite vague regarding the geoprocessing service, saying only that I should have permission to use it, which as far as I can tell, I have).


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Turns out I didn't have permissions to run the analysis widget on the server.

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