Ability in to create Pin the address we search from search widget and retrieve same info on click on that pin

09-15-2015 08:53 AM
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I want ability to Pin the location address from search widget and retrieve same information by clicking on pin which is present on map without the infotemplate.

We have web app in angular framework and we are using angular directive of esri-map, user perform search on search widget and we listen the event available on search widget that is select-result and we build our location object based on response we get by that listner and our location object has properties as longitude, latitude, streetAdress, city, country, zip etc. We are storing the collection of location object in our database. on map load we want to redraw all pins from collection of location object and we want to retrive the same info from pin which is present on location object.

after all location drawn on map, we want to set extent in such a way that all pin should visible. we are not using any layer for this.

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