Trying to install Military Tools for ArcGIs Pro 2.8

12-06-2021 12:35 PM
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I just purchased ArcGIS Pro and trying to enable the military symbol editor from a  "military toolbox" according to but there is no "Military Tools" tab. When I called ESRI support, the person said it was beyond his skill set. Any suggestions?


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From ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and above, the functionalities of Military Tools are included in ArcGIS Pro. Check the ways of accessing the tools in Military Tools for ArcGIS is included in ArcGIS Pro 2.6 (

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Hi Sean,

Great news! At ArcGIS Pro 2.6, the tools were included in ArcGIS Pro so there is no need to separately install Military Tools for ArcGIS since you have ArcGIS Pro 2.8. Let me help you locate them.  

The Military Symbology Editor is there, but needs to be added to the ArcGIS Pro ribbon. See Military Symbology Editor documentation

The other capabilities that you may have read about in the Military Tools documentation are also in ArcGIS Pro. Here are links to the ArcGIS Pro documentation that provide information on where you can find the tools and topics on using them:

Coordinate Conversion

Distance and Direction

Visibility Analysis

Defense Tools toolbox



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I am an Army 2LT waiting to begin my Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course (IBOLC) which means I am a commissioned officer but still waiting to enter active duty (report date 1/28.2022). I purchased ArcGIS Pro for personal use but can't afford the Spatial Analyst license ($600). I am guessing I can't use these tools (especially the Intervisibility) without the Spatial Analyst. I assume I get Army Enterprise access sometime next year but I am trying to find a way to learn this while I am waiting. Any suggesting?   (Ask Santa for a Spatial Analyst license????)  PS I did get the Editor tool showing by customizing the ribbon but I am not sure the functionality is there without the Spatial Analyst license.

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Sir - if you purchased ArcGIS Pro for Personal Use, you get many extensions with the product - 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst being two of those.  You can see what's included with the link here.  You can use the Intervisibility tool - it's a 3D Analyst tool and learn how to use it.  A great training resource - Learn ArcGIS - has a ton of free lessons you can take to learn more about ArcGIS Pro workflows.  Hope this helps!

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