.xlsx import, Microsoft driver no longer avaliable

01-06-2021 03:08 AM
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Hi All,

I've seen a few people mention problems with importing .xlsx files and the solution seems to be to instal the 2007 Microsoft driver. However, this is no longer avaliable to download. 

There must be a simple way to use .xlsx files in ArcMap 10.7, surely! I'd love to know another way other than saving each excel in the old 2003 .xls format. 

Thanks in advance!


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If you are using windows 7... upgrade to windows 10

Work with Microsoft Excel files in ArcGIS Pro—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation has an option for drivers

upgrading to ArcGIS Pro would be a good step as well

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the suggestions. I am using windows 10 so that wouldn't help. I just downloaded the Database engine you suggested and restarted my computer but this has actually made things worse. I now can't open the add data feature, it comes up with the error message: "Failed to connect to database. An underlying database error occurred. Class not registered." Any idea why this happened, or other suggestions?



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I did download the 64 bit version. i'll uninstall and try again. Thanks!