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Modify Related Table

01-05-2021 10:41 AM
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I have Construction data in a Hosted Feature Layer, which is in a Web Map, and also a Dashboard. Something went haywire in my data a few months ago where the data would just flash, and I submitted an ESRI support ticket. The conclusion was that something went wrong in my data and I basically had to re-create everything all over again because the causing-issue couldn't be found.

My workflow for keeping the data up-to-date was editing both the Feature Layer & the Related Table in Pro (I synced the Web Map from Portal). For months this worked perfectly and the edits would reflect in Portal.

Now that I'm re-creating it, the ESRI tech I spoke with on the ticket requested that I do all of my edits directly in Portal. But now I am seeing that I cannot edit my Related Table.....

This Related Table is related to the Municipal layer and basically displays a count of construction projects per municipality, so it is essential for the Dashboard.

Does anybody have any suggestions for this workflow?

How can I edit my Related Table?

Related Table.JPG

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