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Wrong Column Type

02-17-2014 02:46 AM
New Contributor II

I created a tablespace and a table into this tablespace in oracle spatial. (11g) After that,i connect this database from ArcCatalog.When i want to add this table to table of contents, ArcGIS gives me a warning : "Could not add specified data ojbect to the map.Wrong Column Type(ınvalid geometry storage type)"

How can i solve this problem?
Thanks for helping.
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
You could help yourself by providing the information necessary to answer your question:

  • Which exact Oracle release are you using (11.x.y.z)?

  • What excat version (and service pack) of ArcGIS are you using?

  • Have you enabled a geodatabase in the instance, or are you using a Query Layer?

  • How exactly is the table defined? (Provide SQL*Plus DESCRIBE output or your

  • CREATE TABLE command)
  • How have you populated the SDO_GEOM_METADATA table row associated with

  • this table?
  • Have you built an index on the geometry column?  If so, what exact command

  • did you use to build it?
  • Which column did you specify as the rowid column?

  • Are all the non-nil geometries in the table either point, multi-point, line, or area features?

Note that "Oracle Spatial" is not a storage format -- It's an application suite.  The storage
format is SDO_GEOMETRY.

- V
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Occasional Contributor III
you need to register the oracle spatial layer with SDE Geodatabase.

check this as a refrence:
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
No, with Query Layers, ArcSDE registration is no longer required. -V
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