Wikipedia and ArcGIS

08-06-2014 05:11 AM
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I have been searching all over the place but haven't been able to find anything. So I really hope there is somebody out there who can help me.


I am making hiking and biking maps with a route and waypoints displayed on it. Now I like to add geocoded articles from Wikipedia onto it so people know at which spots there is something nice to see. These spots should be displayed on the map with the Wikipedia logo and the title of the Wikipedia article.


I like to be able to do this automatically. Whenever I open a map in ArcMap, there should appear on basis of the mapextent all the Wikipedia logos on the spots where there is a Wikipedia article available. I know there is a webservice from geonames that does something similar. But it only produces a JSON- or XML-file. And I have no idea how to implement this in ArcMap (if this is even possible).


I hope you understand what I want and you can help me improve my map.




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