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Why does it take over a minute to load my mosaic dataset into arcmap?

11-21-2021 12:37 AM
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I have a filegeodatabase which holds my raster mosaics. Each Mosaic references about 500 tiff images. When I try to open the properties or eve just load the mosaic dataset into ArcMap it takes about 1 minute of waiting time which is a terrible user experience and very frustrating. Why is this and is there a solution?

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If your FGDB is on a network drive try to copy it to local drive.

Just the FGDB that should be very small, not the images.

Reading a mosaic dataset required a lot of small requests. Network drive are not very good with it.

Have fun

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Would the fastest option be to create the mosaic dataset in my sde and store the overviews there as well and have it reference the images from an UNC Path on the network?

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