What's the best way to retrieve features from Parent version?

11-09-2015 11:58 AM
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Hi All,

Is there a out-of-the-box tool or correct workflow for retrieving and overwriting features from Parent version during the edit and qa process?  Here's the scenario:

  • I'm reviewing edits in a child version using the "version changes" command which shows me all the adds, deletes and updates in the version.
  • There's many edits and only a small few are unacceptable so throwing away the whole version and starting over is not desired (and wasted effort).
  • In some of these rejects (maybe a delete or where the edit was complex) it would be much better to simply start over with the original parent version of the feature.  However, there doesn't appear to be a way to "get" that version of the feature.

So far our work around on these is to create a conflict in the parent version or second edit session  (i.e. a simple attribute change like "edit me" in a text column) and run reconcile in the child version which detects the conflict (hopefully and doesn't auto merge) and then select the parent feature from the conflict manager. This process seems overly complicated and prone to some errors (conflict detection doesn't proceed as expected, forgetting to remove the "edit me" note, etc).  Between the "conflict manger" and the "version changes" commands it seems like all the code is there to pull the desired features back down from the parent version but it's just not wired up for this scenario? or am i missing something?


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