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what is feature class and how is it used in a geodatabase

03-06-2015 09:12 AM
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I am interested in finding out about how feature class is used in a geodatabase.

I know the definition, the theory behind a feature classes but not really comprehend the use in the Geodatabase.

List of polygons are a polygon feature class. How are they collectively used? What edits can be made to a feature class.

Those are some of questions I have.

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You're asking some very wide-ranging questions, almost on par with, "what is GIS?". You're best source of information is the ESRI help (e.g. A Quick Tour of Geodatabases).

A one-sentence answer is: geodatabase feature classes are like other spatial files (e.g. shapefiles), with extra functionality, like topology, networks, domains, relationships, etc.

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Hi Ravi,

I realize your original post is pretty old, but since you recently replied back to this thread, you may find this article useful:

ArcNews Winter 2008/2009 Issue -- The Geodatabase: Modeling and Managing Spatial Data 

Hope this helps,

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Thank, Derek. The link was helpful.