Very Long Text w/ Relationship to Polygons

03-02-2020 01:38 PM
New Contributor

I have some polygons in ArcMap that represent customers and each customer has a unique text ID in the attribute table.

I would like to somehow store text data connected to those polygons. In reality, this would be a communications log where every time we interact with the customer, we log what was said.

However, it's my understanding that the text field type in an attribute table can only store 255 characters and I know a communications log will exceed that. More specifically, we hope to input new text to add to previous remarks using something like ArcGIS Collector.

I'm hoping some super users here can help identify some options for me to explore. With tables, CSV  or TXT files, queries, ArcGIS Collector, databases, and more, there's got to be some sort of workable solution.



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