user based schema geodatabase

05-01-2015 02:26 AM
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Have created user-schema geodatabase .while trying to shift from  sde.DEFAULT version of the master sde geodatabase to user-schema geodatabase from the Schema drop-down list . am getting below attached error.



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Can you please post the results from the following query?

select instance_id, instance_name, status from sde.instances;

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Thanks for your suggested please find the result of the query.


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I have seen this error before from there being orphaned instance_name listings within the sde.instances table. From the query that Christian had you get the output from I would check to see the specified schemas actually exist in the geodatabase.

Partially created user schema geodatabases could be caused from dropping users within the database that own user schema geodatabases leaving orphans entries within the SDE.Instances table. I have also seen this occur from invalid database objects in the SDE user schema prior to using the 'Create Enterprise Geodatabase' tool which causes issues creating new user schemas.... ORA-29900, ORA-06540, and ORA-06553 errors can be associated with this related cause - more detail can be found in KB 37915 in solution section.


It is also possible that additional attempts to create new user schema geodatabases will fail but create additional partial/corrupt user schema geodatabases.

Are there user schemas that were recently attempted to be created with error or perhaps user schemas in the database that were dropped??