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10-16-2014 11:52 AM
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I recently downloaded and installed the attribute assistant for 10.2 as part of the water utility network editing and whenever I start the attribute assistant up, I always get a message (twice) stating "Dynamic value table is missing the ON_CHANGEGEO Column". I am currently running ArcGIS 10.2.2 on a Win 7 box.




Scott Shenberger    

Tucson Water

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The column it's talking about is the On Change (Geometry) field in the Dynamic Value table. I have worked a lot with Attribute Assistant tool and Local Government templates in the past but never ever came across such an issue. I would try downloading the template again to see it that works.

However, such issue can happen if any modification is made to the dynamic value table as am pretty sure you would be using your own data instead of the sample provided along with the template.

In such cases the first thing I try is working with the default template to check if that works.

I hope this helps!

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