US-Single House Address Locator using alternate name table results unmatched but candidates have score of 100 in interactive rematch table.

01-15-2016 12:24 PM
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I'm trying to geocode a table of 17,000+ addresses in arcmap 10.2 / 10.3 (i've tried both) where the addresses are in a single field. Many of the addresses in the table I want to geocode aren't recognized because an oddly large number of these properties are listed under multiple addresses, so I've created an alternate name table which is linked to my reference table (parcel feature class) by a common column JoinID. When I geocode addresses it comes up with only 15% matched, however, when I rematch addresses I click on the unmatched result and a candidate with a score of 100 is listed and I can match them by hand. I have a match of 12975 addresses (88%) now, but the remaining 1738 (12%) do not have any candidates so I have to use the Pick Addresses from Map and/or refer to my alternate name table to search under a different address which when searched for has a candidate score of 100.


I've standardized addresses in the reference and alternate name table, lowered the minimum match score, tried to rebuild the address locator many times, but the locator still will not match my addresses to the candidates with a score of 100.


I've read the tutorials in the ArcGIS Help desktop and the locator type descriptions and alternate name tutorials don't go into enough detail.


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Hmmm.. I have had this same problem a few times before, but cant recall how i fixed it. Also, Im having trouble visualizing all the words in your question. If you are still having the same issue can you provide some screenshots?

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In the image below I have all unmatched addresses for 1700 LEE BLVD.. however, this address is linked through the JoinID to 1621 COLONY CT in the alternate address table.


BUT, when I type the full address (1621 COLONY CT) it shows up with a score of 100. I have to click each unmatched address, search for the correct address, and click match for every single record.


I've rebuilt the address locator a number of times, but it still doesn't match all of the records that it should using the alternate name table.

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In order to determine what is causing the problem with the alternate name matches I would need to see the address locator properties that show the field mapping in the Reference data section of the locator properties dialog.

One technique that I use to determine if the JoinID is working correctly with the primary feature class and alternate name table is in ArcMap create a relate between the feature class and the alternate name table based on the JoinID used when doing the field mapping when creating the address locator. Then search for the primary address with the Find Tool (locations tab) and use the Identify tool to click on the feature the address was matched to. The Identify Results window will show the related records to that feature so that you can see the associated alternate street name.

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Looks like the op is from a year ago or so; perhaps she's come up with a solution?

I've had problems with JoinIDs for the primary table remaining populated in the create locator panel, but this sounds a little different in that she can get them to hit interactively.

That should just about do it....
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