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Unmatch Selected Geocoded Addreses

02-02-2021 03:23 PM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.6. New style MultiRole Locatpr


I recently geocoded several thousand address records and have discovered my match score is too low, and I have about 1300 matches that should not be matches.  For example:

3205 S 2100 E  matches to 3205 W 2100 S  (not even close)

When you have a number of records selected you can Auto Rematch them.  Is there way  other than manually changing the status, score, and match address with a calculate field process to 'unmatch' them?

That should just about do it....
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Unfortunately at this time there is no way to batch unmatch matched addresses. You would need to select them and use the field calculator to change the status, score, and match_addr fields, then while the records are selected click the Auto Rematch button, which will run on the selected records.

In Pro 2.7 or later you can adjust the match score in the Rematch Addresses pane by clicking the Locator drop-down and selecting Add or Modify Locator and adjust the  geocoding options. Then go back to the main view of the pane and either click Auto Rematch for all records or select the records with the low scores and click the Auto Rematch button.



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