Understanding How ArcGIS Displays Non Spatial Data Created in Microsoft Access

02-06-2012 09:20 AM
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I am working on getting American Community Survey(ACS) data into SDE table format. I have managed to import all the text files downloaded from ACS into excel and then imported to Access for further extracting.

Anyway, so all the tables have an ID field. When I try to preview the data in ArcCatalog it would not show the data in proper order shown below. The problem is when I register this tables as a geodatabase tables it is not using an ID field to create OID field but it assigns OID to the order that it was displayed in preview tab. I want to understand how it creates and assigns the OID to each row. I know I can right click on the field and sort by ascending order and it would display how I want it but it is a temporary solution. This does not solve the problem when I convert the access table to a SDE table.

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