Underlying DBMS Error when loading elevation points into SDE

03-11-2013 11:55 AM
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I have recieved the following error when trying to load elevation points into the Local Government Model that is in SDE.  They load fine into a file geodatabase, but i have errors when trying to load into SDE.  I notice when i load into my file goedatabase the field name in the "Shape Field" shrink to just Point Z, where it should be Point ZM.  Anyone ever come across something like this? 

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Please put error messages in your posts as Text, not only as an image (search engines
can't find pixels), and be sure to include your ArcGIS release (version and service pack),
ArcSDE release (version and service pack), and RDBMS (name, release, and patchset/
service pack) in all initial posts.

I think your problem is the storage type associated with your DBTUNE keyword.
You're using GEOMETRY or GEOGRAPHY, and measures are not supported with
those types, which clips out the 'M'.

If you use SDEBINARY storage, it will support PointZM geometry.

- V
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