Trouble with creating a 3d pdf with Quick Export

12-13-2013 11:15 PM
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Hello everyone!

I try to create a 3D pdf, which represent aerospace zones. They are mostly extruded polygons, which are lifted a bit off the ground. For offset and extrusion height values from attribute table are used.
In ArcScene the zones look ok, but when I export them to 3D pdf, using the Quick Export tool, they get zero extrusion height and zero offset from ground.
I tried to create a .3DS file - the same and also some other features, such as Export to CAD.

Can anyone tell, what could be the problem?
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Just now created a polygon in arch scene, extruded it by using Properties window>Extrusion tab and tried to export just this object - same effect, it appears flat in 3D pdf 😞
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Can you please log a support call, and if possible share your data with the analyst?

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