Trimble Field Inspector Solution software and File Geodatabase Import of Data

10-15-2013 06:13 AM
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Does anyone have any experience in using the "Trimble Field Inspector Solution" software and importing the data collected from the
field unit into a GeoDatabase using Arc Catalog?

The scenario is that the field person needs to have a live connection to the database from the field upon which what he enters in the field will be imported in real time into the this possible?

Or at the least if not in real time, what is the best workflow to take that data from the Trimble unit in the field and have it imported
into the Geodatabase?

Thank you

help is appreciated
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Field Inspector supports reading from and updating file, personal Geo and SDE databases. It is possible to update a Geo database live after a Field Inspection is completed. This requires that you create a Field Inspector project using the Geo database that you want toupdate and to also set the project "job processing" setting to automatic. To live update, you will need to set up a web server with FI communication components installed such as on Amazon or your companies DMZ or VPN. You will also need to enable internet connectivity on the handheld units with a sim card.

Your dealer should be able to assist with setting up work flows using a file, personal Geo or SDE database or they can contact Trimblefor assistance with more advance workflow options.
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