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08-13-2012 05:36 AM
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Hi, I have just started using ArcMap, and now I am trying til learn how to use the topology toolbar.

I hope somebody can help with my problem:

When I am trying to check the check box for my shapefile in the Map Topology dialog box, the frame seem to be grayed out. I am still able to check it.[ATTACH=CONFIG]16874[/ATTACH]

The result of this seems to be that I not able to use the editing tool on the Topology toolbar. Except the Map Topology button, they are all grayed out.

Any suggestions?

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I believe the features that you want to participate in topology need to be feature classes in a geodatabase.  Shapefiles are not supported with topology as far as I know.  Try importing the shapefiles into a gdb and it should work for you.

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