The 'Reuse Schema' option for Extract Data

11-14-2014 11:47 AM
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Hi All,

Does anyone out there have much experience with using the 'Exract Data' function on the 'Distributed GeodDatabase' toolbar?

I'm using ArcGIS 10.1 SP1, and as part of our processes, we will occassionally have to extract a File Geodatabase from our Oracle SDE database for disconnected use for specific spatially defined areas. To create that extract, we use the 'Extract Data' tool under the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar. We have six schemas (all non-versioned) that we need to extract the data from, and a number of feature classes from each schema - in some cases, all feature classes, and in other cases only a subset. We define the feature classes by selecting them under the 'Advanced' options, and after selecting all the material - and the defined spatial area - we make the extract.

Our current process works, but due to the large amount of feature classes that need to be selected/unselected, this can be quite time consuming as well as also prone to error. I'm looking at a way of simplifying this process by creating a template and 'feeding' that to the application. One of the options that is with the 'Extract Data' is 'Reuse Schema' that appears to claim to allow this. From what I can tell, this is mainly used with the Replica creation process (as that is where all the documentation refers to it), but it does seem to be available for 'Extract Data' as well. However, it doesn't seem to work - or at least it doesn't work like I would want it to. I created a template and used the 'Reuse Schema' function, and it will always flag all the contents for the schemas that I am currently displaying for extract, regardless of what was in my template.

Has anyone else had this same behaviour? Or am I not properly understanding the purpose of the 'Reuse Schema' option for 'Extract Data'? Has anyone created a 'template process' that works with 'Extract Data'?

Thank you

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