The feature could not be created. The geometry is invalid.

08-20-2013 02:14 AM
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Trying to create a polygon or polyline feature from point data, by creating a shapefile and then using the editor to create the feature from the point data. The first feature was created fine but each subsequent one I have tried to create has not worked, it is not snapping to the points like it did for the first example and when you try to save edits an error message pops up saying "The feature could not be created. The geometry is invalid." Has the file become corrupted some how? The first feature was created fine, the coordinate systems were defined and the data in the attribute table for the point data is fine, so can't find anything wrong with the geometry. Anybody else had this problem and know how to fix it?

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Solved it by closing the program and restarting it. Sounds simple, but it worked.
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May I know what version of ArcMap are you using? if you're using 10.2, you may want to dl the patch for shapefile issues. If not, you can try it with a new blank map doc. 🙂
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I am also facing the same problem.i have checked all the coordinates are same.i tried restarting the progrma bt it is still not working..i am not being able to make a single feature using any feature class.

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I had this issue, I was able to resolve it by going to the feature class properties in ArcCatalog > Featuire Extent > Recalculate.

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I was having this same problem.  Found out the problem was... my next line was only 50+ feet and I had SNAPPING turned on.  When entered, the line immediately snapped back to ZERO length -invalid geometry.  Turned SNAPPING OFF - problem fixed.