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06-01-2011 10:34 PM
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I beginning in arcsde for oracle , my platform is windows server 2003,oracle 10g release
I later work in company when in checking the tablespaces in enterprise see figure below in attachment :
when i loading the Geodatabase in tablespace (GISC) the size used in tablespace (GISCNDX) will be incraese increasing .
can tell me why ????
and what is the benefit of tablespace (GICSBLK).

If need any info tell me please
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You'd need to provide more details on the table and index allocation, and probably the
contents of the DBTUNE keyword associated with the table, but it seems likely that
indexes on the table are distributed across multiple tablespaces -- Inserts to a table
generate index inserts as well.

Note: Oracle is not supported with Esri applications - the minimum supported
release is

- V
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