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Start Editing Error

03-31-2014 06:56 AM
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I am having an issue when I start an editing session.  Often when I select "Start Editing" (either via the Editor drop down on the tool bar or via a right click on the layer>edit>start editing) I will receive an error message like this example:

Normally when I see this error message it would be telling me there is a schema lock on the file because someone else is editing in the same file geodatabase.  However with 10.2 this error pops up when I am the only one using the file.  I have even moved the file or started a new file geodatabase from scratch on my C Drive to make sure another user is not an issue.  The weird thing is that I can see the schema lock, and by all appearances it is generated by my computer (When I close out of ArcGIS I can watch the lock go away, then I reopen the .mxd and it reappears)... which since I only have one .mxd open that would mean that my ArcGIS is accessing the file, locking it then when I go to edit the file it is reading its own lock and not allowing me to edit.

When I had 10.1 I would occasionally have this issue, it is much more frequent now in 10.2 (once a week).  I typically resolve it by restarting my computer and this will often (not always) clear the issue.

Any thoughts on what could cause this lock issue to occur?
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I've found I can get lock issues if I'm looking at the data through some other software: Arc Catalogue, Windows Explorer, etc. Make sure they are closed and see if you still have an error.
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