SQL Version edits, recovery

08-14-2014 11:10 AM
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Please help I just deleted about 2 months worth of work because I reconciled my edits in error (attribute instead of rows). I then unversioned the database and then reversioned in order to delete a feature class. Is there anyway I can recover my work outside of an agency backup file, which I not sure exists:/

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  1. As soon as you unversioned, the edits in the delta tables are gone, unless you performed a Compress, which you didn't mention here.
  2. You don't need to unversioned data to delete it.
  3. No, it seems that a backup is your only option now, if the edits are indeed deleted. Still take a backup of this current database, try to restore on a test instance and check if you can salvage anything.

** Just noticed that this an old post, so I guess you already must have taken care of this situation.

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