Slow editing in 10.1

06-22-2012 06:47 AM
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I've been having issues when editing a version 10 geodatabase in ArcGIS 10.1 from the network. Editing a version 9.3 seems to be fine. With ArcGIS 10, I was having zero issues editing from the network. Basically, selecting anything has a noticeable delay. Moving anything results in at least a 10 second delay. Editing the same data on my local results in zero problems.

I called tech support and they initially blamed it on the network. Well, 2 days prior, it worked fine on the same network. There were no changes made to the network, only to the upgrade of version 10 to 10.1. We then tried renaming the normal.mxt and the esri folders in the registry. That didn't work either.

Has anyone experienced this in 10.1? It's a bit frustrating, because we really need this to work from the network. I am editing on my local right now as a temp fix, but eventually that won't work.

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How is editing going at SQL2014? Are you at SP1? Our organization is looking at moving to this soon.

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