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Skipping a record when joining tables

07-21-2014 07:54 PM
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Here is the scenario:  I am creating line segments between points to represent human migrations from place to place over time.  Each point is attributed with City, State, Year, Lat, Long, etc, etc.  What I am trying to do is join the point attributes to the newly created line segments.  The trick is I need to join line segment 1 with point 2.  Essentially line 1 needs the "Destination" attributes, not the "Origin" attributes.  However, when I go to join the tables I can't join line 1 with point 2.  It joins line 1 with point 1, thus giving the attributes from the origin point instead of the destination point.  This might be confusing, so here's the example:

Points Table

FID     ID     Event     City_Town     State     Country     Year

0        1      Begin     Seattle          WA          US          1986

1        2      Move      Helena          MT           US          1988

2        3      Move      ...

Line Segments Table





Is there a way to join Line Segment FID 0 with Point FID 1?  When I try to join the Lines Table FID with the Points Table ID a null record is added so that the tables line up at 1.  Any way around this?  Thanks.

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you could simply add fields to the existing tables that reflect the pairing you want.  There is an example towards the bottom of this help file link called autoincrement and you can adjust the start number accordingly between the two files.

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