Shapefile - Disappearing Attributes

12-15-2014 01:12 PM
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I'm new to ArcMap 10.1


I'm creating a polyline shapefile.  I create the shapefile using the Catalog, and I begin adding polylines to the shapefile using the Editor>Start Editing.  I'm going along watching the polylines build up as I go in the Attributes Table.  Upon finishing, I click on Save Edits and once I do that, the polylines disappear from the Attributes Table, but not from the display.  When I try and Add that shapefile again to another mxd file, it gives me an error that the number of polylines does not match the number in the Attribute Table...or something like that.


What am I doing wrong?

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Are you creating shapefiles or features of feature class in a geodatabase?  If the former, do yourself a favor and go with the latter.  

Do you "Stop Editing" as well?  I don't think you can exit out of an ArcMap session without being asked to stop the edit session, but maybe you are missing that?

the polylines disappear from the Attributes Table, What is really happening (I think) is the records of the attributes are simply turning off from the table view.

May I suggest you create one feature in an edit session, fill in all the attribute values you need, save your edits and then stop editing.  Using the information tool (the i icon) click on your new polygon and see if the attribute values are there as intended.  If all goes well, start your edit session back up and add more polygons and populate the attributes for each.  Save often.

That should just about do it....