Ifsar DTM - next steps

12-15-2014 01:52 PM
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I am in a stuck place with my Ifsar DTMs.  All is grey and still in default 16bit integer values (see image clip #1). I need to use the data to run though models. Do any DEM users out there know my next steps please?

This is what I have done so far:


1. Received a catalog of Ifsar data in two folders:





2.In ArcMap 10.2.2, created a new file .gdb


3. In the .gdb created a new mosaic data set (empty)

4. Using the Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset tool, added the raster dataset from the ifsar_dtm_geocell_request folder to the empty shell mosaic data set. The Input data selection was in Workspace and I pointed directly to the ifsar_dtm_geocell_request folder.

The build pyramids and calculate statistics were selected. (see image clip #2).

5.  Over 60min later, data was added and I see statistics were not in fact calculated as I requested.

6. Copy the .gdb to a back up in case my next steps fail.

7. Next steps to make data usable: Mosaic to New Raster? Try to calculate statistics again? 

Please advise if you can.

Thank you

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