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Shape from a layer categorie

03-26-2014 11:52 AM
New Contributor
Hey there! I kinda new in ArcGis e this is my first post here, so excuse me if things get kinda dumb! I'm using ArcMap 10.0.

I have two DataFrames(DF( in one page. One is a map from Rio de Janeiro in wich the RJ State North Region is drawed after applying the correct field value in the 'categories' property. By then I have one layer in one DF with a drawing highlighted (the only part that I want), and the values in legend are two, as expected.
The second DF is about more categories for a different issue combined with a layer identical to the only one of the first DF based on the map of the whole State (RJ), the same as 1st DF. So it contains information highlighted with colors for the entire State.

The deal is: I want the informations from the second map just for the region draw in the the first . The first DF must remain intact as it's used in thepage as a corner map. The second one should not contain info from parts out of North Region. How do I do that?! Follows a print.

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