SDE Versioning - DBO Unable to view versions in GP Tool

12-06-2011 05:43 AM
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We have a SQLServer GDB that has a QAQC version, then 3 child versions for editing.  The editors own these protected versions.  I am in the process of scripting a nightly reconcile and post for these versions. 

When working in ArcMap:

  • all editors can Reconcile and Post their version to QAQC successfully. 

  • DBO is able to reconcile and post any of the editor versions to the QAQC version.

When I check the versions of the GDB in ArcCatalog, all of the versions are listed.  My issue starts when using the Reconcile Version Tool in ArcCatalog, only the DEFAULT and QAQC versions are listed.  In this tool, I am using the DBO connection properties to this database. 

When I have tried this in the python command window, the return is that none of the editor versions are not found.  Why would I be able to reconcile and post as DBO in ArcMap, but not when using ArcCatalog Reconcile Version tool?
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So I got the answer from ESRI Software Support.  This is a known bug. 

When using the tool or scripting, typing in the the username.version_name will work.  I have tested this in both the gp tool and in python scripts, works successfully even thought in the tool these versions were not in the drop-down list.  If you are not sure, in ArcCatalog, connect to the GDB, right click and view Versions.

Target Version = "sde.DEFAULT" or "dbo.DEFAULT" or in my case "dbo.QAQC"

*** If you are using Windows Domain User Authentication, the syntax for the Version Name is:
"DOMAIN\USERNAME".VERSION_NAME      You MUST use the quotations for the "DOMAIN\USERNAME"
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