SDE background SQL tables still tracking removed features.

02-12-2015 05:54 PM
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At a lost here, we are calling them SDE Gremlins.

Still at SDE 9.3 (other app limits us to move on).

When a 10.1 GDB feature was attempted to be added via the “LOAD”
command into the SDE, failed.

Even though we can not see it in Catalog, SQL knows the attempted
file as being still there.

Meanwhile the SQL DBA can not see it either.

So now the SDE thinks the file is there and we can not use
that naming convention) auto adds the”_1”.

(Had to LOAD to a 9.3.1 GDB then LOAD to 9.3.1 SDE).

No we have these unsightly naming features.

No can not create a new feature and LOAD allover the dataset
as SQL still knows somehow what you are up to.

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