Reverse Geocoding Not working

04-27-2016 08:24 AM
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I am trying to populate intersection information for our facilities data. I am initially running simple points against the latest TomTom data that we purchase annualy (MultiNet Enterprise).


In using the "Reverse Geocode" tool with the "INTERSECTION" option in ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 SP1, all of the >65,000 points are placed on top of each other, in places where a single facility exists. This is obviously incorrect, and I cannot figure out why.


Then I tried using ArcGIS Pro 10.3. Using the Reverse Geocode tool there simply crashes the application. I have tried using multiple different copies of the point data, as well as several different address locators using different TeleAtlas reference data. I have run check and repair geometry on the point feature class as well as on the address locator reference data with no luck. The application crashes every time ("ArcGIS Pro has encountered a serious application error and is unable to continue...")


Does anybody have any ideas why this is happening???

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  1. Do you get the same behavior with the Reverse Geocode tool with Intersection in ArcMap 10.3 as well?
  2. Are you using ArcGIS Pro that was included with ArcGIS Desktop 10.3? If you look in the Control Panel, what is the actual version of ArcGIS Pro?
  3. What type/style of address locator are you using with the Reverse Geocode tool?
  4. Are you able to provide the points and locator for review to help determine what might be going on?


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