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03-23-2014 07:41 AM
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It may have been asked ...
Problem: We have very rich data for the country about the parcels, roads, analytics, etc. The data is property of company. The people load the data in ArcMap or the database specific tools like, the SQL Developer for Oracle, for instance, and try to export the data.
You can't morally, ethically restrict people not to do so.
--Is there any resolve that ArcSDE engine offers, like some settings in the configuration, that data export can be restricted from the registry tables(GDB tables) etc.
--All the data can't be served to heavy loading people/desktops in the form of the services (feature service as it will be updated or edited). This is an option but somewhat manual and costly in terms of services and what to serve to whom etc...
--How ArcMap loads the data, means it reads the tables from the GDB and start loading the layers for the different parameters like the type of geometry, extents, may help in writing some code by putting hook there. I am working on this approach. Have put down the code to hide the options in the ArcMap. Then trying to detect that if user is trying to download the data. Trying to put code in the export options. etc.
--Also trying to put some logic for the connection of users/machines in the oracle to identify that what user is doing. Log kind of thing. It will identify some data related activities...not reached the option where restriction can be put. At least getting the log to management. It is also very tedious and long way. Also effects the database server for the logging, efficiency wise.
--Any other option.

The help is sought from the community and ESRI to effectively solve it by the good practise(s) may not get to the least can try.

Thanks for your help.

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This has been asked repeatedly, and the answer remains the same:  You CANNOT
prevent users with a valid database login from exporting data.  The only way to
prevent feature access is to serve images through ArcGIS Server (with the feature
service(s) disabled).

- V
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