Replication help missing on Register existing data option

04-10-2017 03:58 PM
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We have been using replication for some time but occasionally have issues when using the Register Existing data only option.  

The help page here says

Register existing data: If you are replicating a very large amount of data, you may want to consider using the Register existing data option. The option allows you to bypass the data copying step of replica creation and simply register a new replica. To use this option successfully, a specific set of steps must be taken before replica creation. Note that this option is not available when using the geoprocessing tools.

But I can find nowhere in the help that actually lists these specific steps.  Anyone have them?

We must be missing something, esp when the DB already has 1 replica and we are making a second child (both off the main).

Usually we make sure all are in sync, detach, copy, attach both, run the first sync.  No issues when just have 1.  But this last time we kept getting a error ExecuteError: ERROR 000745: Generation numbers are out of order.  Version not found [DBO.XXXXXX_Edits_4982]

Need to rec and post first or something maybe?  

Thanks a lot

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Esri support said that they line is referring the normal steps such as Global IDs.  They did say though the biggest thing is to make sure ALL replicas are perfectly in sync before creating another one when using the register existing data option.  Rec and Post and Compress first is not required but it is a good idea.