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09-15-2014 09:10 AM
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I've recently upgraded my ArcGIS server from 10.0 to 10.2, and I need to figure out how to replace the ArcSDE commands that I used to register my feature classes and spatial views with python commands.  The situation is that each year, a number of spatial tables are copied to new schemas, and the tables are then registered within SDE. 


Essentially I was previously using commands similar to the following...


sdelayer -o delete -l W_FIELD_EXPORT_SV,shape -u <user> -i <instance> -p <password> -N

sdelayer -o register -l W_FIELD_EXPORT_SV,shape -e nac+ -t ST_GEOMETRY -C OBJECT_ID,SDE -E -13744558,2980372,-7409316,6335845 -R 39 -u <user> -i <instance> -p <password> 

sdetable -o describe -t W_FIELD_EXPORT_SV -u <user> -i <instance> -p <password>

sdetable -o grant -t W_FIELD_EXPORT_SV -U VIEW_AGS -A SELECT -u <user> --p <password> -i <instance>


I've found the arcpy.RegisterWithGeodatabase_management toolbox command, but the drawback to that is that it seems that there is no way to specify a column other than OBJECTID for the ID column.  As is shown in my example the column OBJECT_ID is being used for the ID.  The toolbox command also does not let me specify the feature class envelope (-E), or the spatial reference ID (-R).  Perhaps those parameters are no longer necessary with ArcGIS 10.2?


Any help, or explanations about how I should go about replacing this process would be greatly appreciated!





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Robert, did you find an answer for this?

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