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Rename a Feature Class in fgdb

03-19-2024 02:35 PM
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This may be a very elementary topic, but it appears that simply renaming a feature class within a fgdb in ArcGIS Pro is way slower than through ArcCatalog.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I came across a geoprocessing tool named "Rename", which takes about a minute to run.  This is better than right-clicking and renaming within the catalog pane or view within pro (which takes minutes to process), but not as well as a few seconds within ArcCatalog.  Is this the ESRI recommended process for renaming feature classes?  What used to be so simple, now seems to be over complicated.

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More goes on than just a simple rename than in the days of ArcCatalog... given the web, permissions, multiple users etc etc.  Rename... is the way to go, anything else is just a shortcut to it which would account for its increased time given the checks that the shortcut has to make to get to the base tool's code call

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