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Reconcile in web application - Enterprise Version compatibility

03-27-2024 10:52 PM
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I am working on developing new Reconcile widget for utility network editing purpose in Experience builder Developer edition. We have published utility network and version management service using enterprise version 11.1. When I try to use reconcile method by using JavaScript sdk (esri/versionManagement/VersionManagementService), it threw error (version API requires enterprise version 11.2 or higher). 

I need to know whether Reconcile method is available in previous JavaScript sdk releases (before 4.28). VersionManagementService | API Reference | ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.29 | ArcGIS Developers

Also, Is ArcGIS enterprise version 11.2 mandatory for reconcile operation in branch versioned database?  

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@Ram Reconcile is a fundamental piece of the branch versioning framework and has been supported by ArcGIS Enterprise since branch versioning was released. I'm hoping to hear back from others about what could be going on with your experience builder issues.

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The VersionManagementService class requires ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2.  For earlier versions of ArcGIS Enterprise, you have to call the reconcile REST endpoint directly.

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I'll provide a little bit more context to Rich's statement.

When you install the latest version of the developer's edition of the Experience builder it is going to be built on the latest JavaScript SDK and ArcGIS Enterprise. Because you are using an older version of the ArcGIS Enterprise than the one it was built on you may run into some features like this that weren't exposed to the JavaScript SDK at your older release of ArcGIS Enterprise.

The first network management release to include the new ArcGIS Advanced Editing user type extension will be ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3, which releases later this year.

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