Rasters go a wierd colour once loaded in SDE

05-10-2011 04:13 AM
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Hi all,
I have some raster tiles that I have loaded into a raster dataset in SDE, however the colours are completely different to what they should be.
I have attached 2 images, one of the original tiles, and the other of how it looks once loaded into ArcSDE.

Any ideas, as I'm stuck.


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Original User: mikedmanak

I'd try the following (in order):
- Check the contrast stretch on your raster in ArcMap... try changing it to something else
- Re-build the pyramids, and re-calculate statistics on the raster in SDE via ArcCatalog
- Re-Load the raster (was it an indexed color raster that was loaded as RGB?)
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I would check and see if Stretch is being applied to the raster in SDE, and not to the one on desk.  It's possible that the SDE raster is using Standard Deviations and the one on disk is using None.  If this is the case, you can reload the images into SDE, but turn off Calculate Statistics in the Environments.
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