Raster to Microstation - NAD83 TX SC

03-27-2013 02:45 PM
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I am trying to just quickly export an image from Arcmap into Microstation. We are working in Texas NAD83 SC.

The image comes into Microstation 28.34 feet above where it should come in.

I have tested this by creating some shape files within Arcmap and drawing along aerial features. I then also labeled coordinates within Arcmap. The shape files come into Microstation in the correct location according to the coordinates but the image does not.

Is there a known issue in Texas or between Arcmap and Microstation?

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I am sure that the issue you are seeing is due to Microstation using units of International Feet by default, rather than U. S. Survey Feet.  This is discussed in Knowledge Base article 31057:


To resolve the issue, you can modify the State Plane projection file to apply the Internation Foot unit (foot, Meters per unit .3048) then use the customized projection file to project the raster, then export.

General instructions for modifying a projection file are found in articles 30583, with additional information in 32939:


Hope this helps!

Margaret Maher
Esri Support
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