Query related table and join attributes from feature?

09-28-2018 03:42 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have a related table I'm querying based on a date field but I want to include the attributes from the feature it is related to. Any ideas?

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You questions is broad and vague.  Are the records in the related table in a Many to One relationship with the features (Table Many Records -> Feature Class One Feature)?  If so you can use a standard join in memory to view the feature attributes in the table view.  If you want to create labels on the feature class features using the table attributes, which is in a One to Many or Many to Many relationship, see my Blog on Creating Labels with Related Table Data.  If you want to permanently join the attributes to the table you can do a standard join and export to a new table, or add fields that match the feature class and use the techniques in my Blog on Turbo Charging Data Manipulation With Python Cursors and Dictionaries to populate the fields from the feature class.  Anyway, if you mean something else, please give details.