Problems loading surfer (.grd) rasters in ArcMap 10.2

04-07-2014 07:21 AM
New Contributor
I'm exporting geophysical survey data as Surver Ascii (.grd) files from Geoplot v.3. Up until very recently I was able to import the .grd into ArcMap and geo-reference them there.

About 5 days ago I started having problems opening these files in both arcmap and arccatalogue - namely the screen froze and the cpu usage was too high. I've ruled out issues with my pc and software. I'm using ArcMap 10.2 which is supposed to support these files. I downloaded a patch from geosoft which was supposed to help with this issue but now arc will not recognise the raster dataset full stop.

Any help/thoughts would be very gratefully received!
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