Problem extracting values by attributes from raster

05-04-2010 07:08 PM
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I have a raster (a DEM) in GRID format, source type = continuous, pixel type = floating point, 32 Bit.  The field names do not display when I attempt to use this raster in Extract by Attributes tool, nor when I select Properties > Fields of this raster.  Does the Extract by Attributes tool not work with floating point data?  I got this to work by using raster math INT function but this truncates decimals.  Is there a simple workaround other than multiplying raster values by, say, 1000 (to keep three decimal places of value)?  Thanks.
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Did you ever get a response on your thread?

I am experiencing the same issue even though the help documentation for extract by attributes

says it will take a floating point data-set.


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A DEM is probably a floating point grid, hence, there are no fields, but you can still query its "value" as in the attached examples, where a dem was queried for values > 20
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I know this post is old, but it's still relevant and good advice. Thanks.

My advice is to follow what's in the image above and keep a SPACE between the operator and numeral.

e.g. "Value" <= 0 NOT "Value" <=0.

kept on getting error messages on such a trivial issue!