Problem Copying SDE Geodatabases

09-19-2013 06:28 AM
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We just upgraded to a new server. I am trying to use the copy tool in order to copy the SDE Geodatabases from one server to another. I attempted exporting the XML Workspace option, but the files became too large to handle due to rasters stored in the geodatabases.

The Error i keep receiving is as follows, and I cannot figure out how to resolve it. There are no other applications accessing the geodatabases.
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I think your best bet, if you are intending to actually copy the entire physical SQL Server Express database from one server to another, is to do this using RDBMS tools.  Alternatively, if you have an empty SQL Server Express database that already exists on another server and you're looking to simply import your GIS data, just make sure it contains the SDE tables and then use either a GP tool or a manual copy/paste from ArcCatalog.  The Import, Feature Class to Feature Class, or Feature Class to Geodatabase tools are all potential solutions depending on what you are trying to achieve.
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