Predefined subtypes/codedvalues and existing data

10-25-2013 06:49 AM
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I have a SDE feature class containing ~2500 point features. The SDE feature class is also used for a Feature Service, so users are able to add new points to the feature class via an WebGIS.
I've also set up subtypes and Attribute Domains for the SDE feature class, so users have a list of predefined values, which they can use for entering new information.

So...if the user enters new features, it's possible to use the predefined values for new feature.
The problem: The existing values, which rely on the same attributes and attribute values, showing no content anymore. All values are empty.

So the question is: How to set up an SDE feature class with predefined values, which can be used for new features without resetting existing data? To give you an example:  As you can see, the village attribute is cleared, although it had a value. Now I have to redefine the value from the coded value domain.

If anything unclear, just drop a line!....Thread is subscribed 😉
And if there is something wrong in my setup, please give me a hint!

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Original User: Schlomm

Any ideas?
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The problem may actually be that, although you think the attributes of the original data and the new domain values are the same, the domain values most likely use numeric values or short text codes internally, and only show you the longer, human readable, label or description as a more user friendly substitute.

This means you need to convert your original data to the appropriate numeric or short text code values as you defined them yourself during domain creation (under "Coded Values" / "Code" and "Description" in the dialog), to have them show up with the correct description in the tables.


If you had an original field named "City" with already entered values "New York" and "Chicago", and you created a domain like:

"Code", "Description"
1, New York
2, Chicago

and you subsequently associated this domain with the field "City", than the original text values "New York" and "Chicago" wouldn't display, since the allowed values for the field are 1 and 2, not "New York" and "Chicago", from the moment you associate this domain with this field.

If you changed the original values to 1 and 2 respectively, the attribute table would show the domain descriptions "New York" and "Chicago".
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Here is something I have run into: there are two ways in which a single field may have a domain applied--the domain may be applied directly, or the domain may be applied by the subtype.  If you inadvertently apply a domain via subtype and directly, and they are not the same domain, you will see the attribute blank out.  No null, no value--just blank. 

I did this accidentally when I forgot I had a subtype applied, and changed the domain only at the field level. 

Hope that helps!
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