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11-08-2015 05:24 PM
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Hi, Please i need some help.

The command "Register with Geodatabase" It is not enabled for use.

I'm using a table from a postgres connection.

Thanks in advance


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There is a whole section in the help file just in case you didn't see it.  If you did, can you indicate what has been done and what isn't working

Add login roles to PostgreSQL—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I have and what I did is:

- Postgres 9.3 with postgis.

- Arcgis 10.3.1

- I imported a shape to postgres

- Made the conection in arcgis

- I see de tables but problem 1: I can´t display de vectors, ..."The specified coordinate exceeds the valid coordinate range"

- and problem 2: I can´t "Register with Geodatabase" It is not enabled for use.


that´'s all



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Hi Maria,

You cannot register a table with a PostgreSQL database without the geodatabase repository tables.

Have you run the Create Enterprise Geodatabase or Enable Enterprise Geodatabase GP tools on this specific PostgreSQL database yet?

If not, following this documentation: Set up a geodatabase in PostgreSQL on Windows—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Hope this gets you in the correct direction...



--- George T.
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From the image it seems that you are already using a geodatabase. If you have imported a Shapefile into this Geodatabase using ArcCatalog, then the underlying feature class will already be 'Registered with Geodatabase' and 'Registered with ArcSDE'.

It seems that you imported the data connected as "PUBLIC" user. Are you connected as PUBLIC when you are trying to use the options under Manage?

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Yes your are correct!! I need to change this???


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Change what?

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Was there ever a solution for this? Having the same issue right now. Tables I created in postgre are listed under the "public schema" and won't seem to register and open as query layers in ArcMap with no geometry or SRID even when they were specified in the SQL.

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