Points to Mosaic raster dataset

06-17-2014 06:33 AM
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I am new here, and i am new with arcMap.
I created a Mosaic raster dataset. (Digital elevation model, 90m resolution). I would like to add some datapoints from a .csv sheet.
(Longitude and Latitude, ca. 100 000 points).
my problem is, the points are all on a different scale (they look like 1 point, if i zoom in then they differ)

Dose some one now where the problem is?
Here the Screenshots to give a better look.

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Original User: solxenos

Hi Floelae,

This looks like a projection issue.  What projection & Datum is the DEM using?  You need to try and match the two datasets.  Are you using Lat/Long data to add your points from the csv file?  If so you may need to define the projection information when adding them.

I'm no expert on projections because I don't have to deal with them very often.

But perhaps this helps and gets you on the right track.  I'm sure someone else could chime in and be of more assistance.

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