point to raster point is not in the center of the created cell

04-22-2016 03:48 PM
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i create a point dataset by adding a x/y coordinates from a excel table. Then i create a raster Dataset with the Tool Point to Raster. My Problem now ist that the coordinates from the points do not build the position of the middlepoint of the cells. On some cells the point is on the right side of the cell on other cells the point is on the left.... . What can i do to reach that the coordinates from cellmids are equal as from the point?

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Point to Raster—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

and from the image here

How Point to Raster works—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

there is no expectation that the point will be in the middle of the cell, because the bounds of each cell are controlled by the overall extent, the cell size and the snap raster.  So unless your points are on a regular grid, the cell will encompass one or more points.  If the points are on a regular grid pattern (aka equal spacing in the x and y direction) then you can ensure that the points are in the middle of the cell by accounting for the 1/2 cell size difference in the X and Y directions when establishing the extents of the output raster

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@Till Müller

If you run RasterToPoint, using the raster that you created, you'll be able to see where the raster cell centers are.


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or just round your coordinates appropriately with respect to cell size prior to creating the raster in the first place

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