Performance issue in editing SQL feature class that contains 250,000 records

11-01-2016 10:36 AM
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Hi All,


We are wondering how to improve the performance in editing SQL feature class of 250,000 records that contains 250,000 records. It appears that compress, rebuild and analyze don’t help that much in enhancing the editing considerably. Editing is really slow at the moment!





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Hi Rawan, 

We'll need some additional information to better understand the factors that could potentially be affecting the performance you're witnessing.

- What version of SQL Server are you using?
- What is your ArcGIS Desktop/Enterprise geodatabase version(s)?

- Is the client machine that you are making these edits on located on the same machine as the database server? 

- What type of geometry are your feature classes stored in?
- Is the performance issue strictly limited to editing operations? Is panning/zooming slow? GP tool performance?

- Have you always witnessed latency or is this something that has recently occurred?

- Have any architectural changes occurred recently? DBMS Upgrade? Moving data to a new server?

- Are your feature classes registered as versioned?

- How often do you run geodatabase maintenance?

- Is performance only witnessed on this single feature class or is it database-wide?



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Sounds like you might need to do some tuning on the back end of your SQL database, if you're using SQL express remember there's only a 10gb per database max and even less for earlier versions.  Some of the questions Quinn asked would be helpful to pin point the problem.

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Thanks all for the answers.

Dear Quinn,

Thank you for your answer, kindly see the following:

  1. we use SQL 2016
  2. ArcMap 10.4.1
  3. we use a local network ,so that the database server machine is different from the client .
  4. we use polygon feature class
  5. the performance issue strictly limited to editing operations & the panning/zooming slow.
  6. we always have witnessed latency
  7. we haven’t faced the following: architectural changes, DBMS Upgrade, Moving data to a new server.
  8. the feature class registered as versioned.
  9. actually we sometimes compress and rebuild  the database.
  10. the performance is witnessed on this single feature class.


So, what might be the issue here?


Thanks in advance


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