Parcel Fabric Line Type Problem

08-05-2014 09:20 AM
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Within the parcel fabric local government information model I'm able to "Define new types of Features" for the parcel and line types.  We I go to create a new parcel I only see these line types in the "Category" attribute:

0 Boundary

1 Dependent

2 Precise Con

3 Connection

4 Radial

5 Road Frontage

6 Original Con

7 Part Connection


I also want to add:

8 Relocated Mainline


Within ArcCatalog I have the Domain Name "LrLineCategory" with "Coded Values" that list all of the types 0-8 listed above.  Why don't I see 8 "Relocated Mainline" as a "Category" option when adding New Parcels.  It seems there is a disconnect in the db somewhere but I can't find it. 

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